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Painting lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced painting students. I'm so glad you're here!

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Demo with practical tips for beginners and professionals in painting.


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These step by step exclusive lessons are designed for people of all ages and skill levels.


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The Reason Why You're Here

✔ You want to draw but don’t know where to start?

✔ You're new to drawing – how can you get better over time?

✔ You're curious – what are the techniques every beginner should know?

✔ You're considering learning to draw online – are there good courses or resources available?

✔ Level 1: Beginner Art" has answers to all your questions.

Step by Step DEMO for Beginners

These tutorials present a simple, step-by-step demonstration along with numerous examples designed for beginners

Duong's methods

My go-to mantra has forever been 'Practice, Practice, Practice.' And now, you have the chance to do exactly that through my instructive exercises. These demos are fantastic for grasping and mastering Duong Tieng's methods and techniques.

Detailed written instructions guarantee your achievement.

A technique is a method employed to achieve a particular effect. In the course of these demos, you'll come across terms like scumbling, drybrush, feathering, underpainting, graying, dabbing, and more. These methods are all employed to craft atmosphere, depth, texture, and seamless blending.

You will gain a solid foundation for all of the basics required to create a beautiful landscape painting

Free Painting Tutorials

If you're seeking acrylic painting lessons, please select the painting you wish to learn to draw from the options below!

Exclusive Tutorials

Below are my exclusive tutorials. Each one comes with a downloadable PDF version which you can find the download link for within the content itself. After purchasing, you will be re-directed to the unlocked tutorial link.