What are the supplies you’ll need to get started ?


The cost of paint varies based on grade and brand. Very inexpensive paints might compromise consistency and impact your results, while investing in the priciest colors could also restrict your options. Aim for a balanced choice.

I work with Pébéo Studio Acrylic Paints ! It’s a high-quality student-grade acrylic paint that’s perfect for beginners. My tutorials feature the convenience of the 48-piece set of this paint.


For acrylic painting, synthetic brushes reign supreme due to their sturdy bristles that can withstand acrylic’s robust nature. A beginner’s brush kit should include small, medium, and large flat brushes; a liner (or rigger) brush; a medium fan brush; and a versatile hake brush.

  • Liner brushes are tailored for meticulous lines and fine details.
  • Flat brushes excel in sharp edges, thin lines, and uniform strokes.
  • Filbert brushes are essential tools for crafting intricate tree leaves and adding nuanced underpainting details
  • Fan brushes shine in freeform paint application, gentle blending, and light dry brushing.
  • Large Flat brushes are used for underpaint and create soft blends between colors.

Palette & Painting Knives:

Palette knives primarily mix colors on your palette; they come in diverse sizes and shapes. Some are handy for applying paint, adding texture, or even paint removal on the canvas.


Acrylic paint palettes range from handheld plastic options to plexiglass sheets.


Sponges prove invaluable for dampening your canvas and texturizing paint application.

Painting Surfaces:

While you can paint on various surfaces, canvas stands as the top pick. Pre-primed, stretched canvas, readily available at arts and craft stores, features a taut surface over a wood frame coated with acrylic gesso—a primer that provides an ideal base for paint adhesion.

Additional Supplies:

Ensure you have these essentials within reach:

  • Paper, pencils, and a sharpener for drawing, sketching, and tracing.
  • Jars of water, paper towels, and a water spray bottle.
  • Blackboard chalk and/or vine charcoal for sketching atop dry paint.

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